Do you want to compete on a rally race?

We can offer you fully equipped KTM rally bike rental, also with transportation and various service packages.

You can choose our custom built KTM EXC-F 450 @2017 rally bike, ready to race on Dakar Rally or Africa Eco Race: the bike has a 17 Lt front + 14,5 Lt rear fuel tank (31,5 Lt fuel capacity in all), 3 Lt water reserve in the bashplate, increased durability EXCEL rally wheel set (rear cush drive), RebelXSports navigation tower with 2 tripmasters (ICO Rallye Max 2 + Max-G) and F2R roadbook holder, GET Rally ECU with 2 switchable custom maps and 10 level traction control. Building the bike was supervised and the bike was tested by Manuel Lucchese (IT), 4 times Dakar Rally finisher in Malle Moto class.

If you want to compete on any 5-10 day long rally events or shorter baja-style races you can choose our lightweight KTM EXC-F 450 @2018 rally bike with 15 Lt fuel capacity and handlebar mounted rally navigation kit with 2 tripmasters (ICO Rallye Max 2 + Max-G) and F2R roadbook holder.

We can offer transportation to various location (primarily in Europe, or Morocco), grant assistance and full support during the race, including tires, mousses, spare parts, and service.

More information is coming with photos, service package details and prices. You can contact us anytime via email: or phone: +36 30 4011408 (Mo-Fri 9-17h, UTC+2).

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